Small Business Opportunities Online – Do Such Things Exist Anymore?

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It might appear that the World Wide Web is grid locked with web sites. Can there be any way of launching and succeeding with a small business online?

I am asked this question often and the answer is as follows:

1. The internet is still growing at an incredible pace. 40% of North American households still don’t have internet access. It is always changing. Notice how few videos there were a couple of years ago and now you will rarely find a web site without at least one?

Yes, there are plenty of small business opportunities online.

2. Do a search on almost anything and you will end up with a top 10 listing with millions of other sites on the next pages. Discouraging, isn’t it to have to compete against so many?

Bear in mind that most web sites do not survive. Most fail. Why? Because they don’t know what they are doing and most are garbage. They are started by people who bought into the get rich schemes, built a crappy site and end up in internet nowhere land.

Dead in the water.

3. There is one way to succeed online (or offline for that matter) and that is to take your time and build an opt-in list. This involves building an email list to whom you send, at regular intervals, valuable information on whatever subject the visitors came to your site for in the first place.

This builds incredible trust. Even if your site is “clunky” and not very pretty, you will grow and prosper.

Trust is incredibly important. Build some.

4. Give it time. You have to learn about generating traffic whether through Pay Per Click, seo’d articles, organic web traffic and so on. It takes time for the search engine spiders to crawl your site over a period of weeks to give it a good and fair appraisal.

Can you see now that there is no limit to the number of small business opportunities online?

Are you man or woman enough to say “no” to the get rich quick gurus and to slowly, methodically learn what is the best small business to start for yourself from an infinite choice of small business ideas?

The choices are yours.